NEMO's Ark

Frequently Asked Questions

(written by pinkgothic)

"What should I do about stunted creatures?"

If you somehow notice that a creature has been stunted, please feel free to flag it! Otherwise don't worry about it too much. Stunted creatures are a very tiny portion of the creatures in rotation and will either be removed in a timely manner or drop off the site from lack of clicks to sustain them, so it's not worth the hassle of trying to identify and flag them.

"How can I keep my codes for more than one day?"

Before we delve into this, please remember that users are strongly encouraged to click every day for an even click distribution. That being said, sometimes you miss a day without realising it, or need to disappear into the land of no internet for a few days and want to prevent your codes from being removed.

You can click more than twenty codes a day to acquire some leeway, but this is costly: Each day costs twice as much as the one before, so the more days you try to cover, the harder it gets to click enough to cover them.

Example numbers:

The skips don't stack: 60 clicks today and 60 clicks tomorrow does not mean you have two skips after tomorrow - rather, you have one (for the day after tomorrow) due to the 60 clicks you supplied on the second day.

This is purely meant to be an emergency and anti-forgetfulness feature. Your clicks will still reset to 0 each day and the site will only tell you how many free passes your clicks of today are generating. If you clicked 60 creatures yesterday and come back to the site today, you don't have to click, but if you look at your account page, the site will tell you that you have zero clicks, which are worth no passes. You lose any free passes you had in the background once you start clicking again.

This is intentionally sneaky.

People who have time to visit the site and review their free passes can presumably pitch in clicks - and we don't want to give anyone an incentive not to do so.